For over 50 years,
CLASSIC Artist Oils have offered

  • Professional Quality
  • Buttery Texture
  • Rich, Pure Colors
  • Easy Blending
  • Finely Ground Pigments

Artist Gallery
Jack Ragland

Jack W Ragland "Midway Magic"

Midway Magic painted at the 2005 San Diego Fair Plein Air Competition and judged Best of Show.

Jack Ragland captures the essence of a subject through form and classical oil color.  He enjoys the buttery rich quality of these paints whether he is creating landscapes, figures, animals, still lifes or purley abstract paintings.  Jack's love of painting echoes his love of life.  He has been painting since the age of five and holds a BA and MA from Arizona State University.  Jack sells his works through his home studio, commercial galleries and on his web site.

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